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3D Imaging

Detailed Images for Precise Treatment

To ensure that your treatment process goes as smoothly as possible, we use state-of-the-art equipment and surgical techniques for your safety and comfort. Our 3D imaging technology is one of the most important resources at our disposal because it creates the most accurate images possible of the bones, structures, and tissues in your mouth and jaw.

At Oral Surgery Group, we equip all of our offices in New Brunswick, East Brunswick, and Middlesex, NJ, with this advanced technology to produce optimal clinical results. We will likely take 3D scans of your mouth and face during your first visit.

Benefits of 3D Imaging With Oral Surgery

Using 3D imaging to plan your treatment means that your procedure will be safer and more effective. The images created by our 3D CBCT scanner give your surgeon far more information about your condition than a traditional X-ray image. The images reveal details such as the location of nerves, hidden structures, and other important information. There are a variety of benefits patients experience when their treatments are planned using these detailed images:

  • Images with a higher level of detail
  • Fewer surprises during surgery
  • Easier treatment planning
  • Less radiation exposure than traditional scans
  • One scan is completed in seconds

Imaging Services at Oral Surgery Group

Dr. Philip Engel, Dr. Richard Stern, Dr. Constantine Simos, Dr. Michael Stern, Dr. Amy Tanchyk, and Dr. Rohan Prabhu, and the staff at Oral Surgery Group are dedicated to providing every patient with an exceptional experience. Using the most advanced technology available leads to more accurate diagnoses, better treatment planning, and optimal clinical results. To learn more about our 3D scanning technology, please contact one of our offices in New Brunswick, NJ, East Brunswick, NJ, or Middlesex, NJ.

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