Wisdom Teeth Removal in New Brunswick, East Brunswick, and Middlesex, NJ
Wisdom Teeth removal in New Brunswick, East Brunswick, and Middlesex, NJ

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Middlesex, NJ

Prevent Third Molar Complications

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to develop. They often make an appearance around the ages of 17 to 25. Also known as third molars, wisdom teeth grow in the far back of the mouth behind your other molars. The average mouth is not big enough to house these extra teeth, which is why dentists and oral surgeons recommend having them extracted. Wisdom teeth tend to develop problems that can cause painful infections and damage to nearby teeth. Having regular dental exams will allow your dentist or oral surgeon to track the progress of your wisdom teeth, ensuring that no problems are developing beneath your gums.

Dr. Philip Engel, Dr. Richard Stern, Dr. Constantine Simos, Dr. Michael Stern, Dr. Amy Tanchyk, and Dr. Rohan Prabhu are the wisdom teeth removal experts in Middlesex, NJ. Oral Surgery Group has been providing beneficial oral surgery care for decades, and our surgeons are happy to help you determine the best course of action for your or your child’s wisdom teeth. Contact our Middlesex office today to schedule a consultation.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

There are already molars in your mouth responsible for chewing food. Wisdom teeth are unnecessary for oral function, and there often isn’t enough space in the jaw for an additional set of molars. Fully impacted wisdom teeth are trapped beneath the gum tissue and must be surgically removed. Some wisdom teeth may partially erupt and become a trap for food and debris, leading to plaque and bacteria buildup. If left untreated, wisdom teeth or their large roots can grow into other teeth roots or facial nerves. Wisdom teeth can cause other problems, including:

  • Dental overcrowding
  • Infections, which can progress to gum disease or tooth decay
  • Cyst and tumor formation
  • Damage to healthy molars
  • Dental misalignment

Most dental professionals perform regular X-rays to track the development of the wisdom teeth and ensure that none of these problems are developing. Attend regular dental exams so your dentist can catch wisdom teeth early and prevent unnecessary damage and discomfort caused by the conditions listed above. When your general dentist discovers the presence of wisdom teeth, he or she will refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for an evaluation and extraction.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Wisdom teeth removals are some of the most routine oral surgery procedures performed. First, you will come in for a consultation appointment, at which your surgeon will review your condition, take 3D scans, and discuss your anesthesia options before planning your treatment. Our surgeons and staff members will be happy to answer any questions you have about your procedure during this appointment.

After the proper anesthetic is administered, your surgeon will make an incision in the gum tissue covering the wisdom tooth and remove it. Your surgeon may break the tooth into smaller pieces to make the removal process easier. Any fully erupted wisdom teeth will be removed using forceps, similar to a simple tooth extraction procedure. Then, your surgeon will suture the surgical site will be sutured and you will rest in our recovery area.

This procedure is typically performed using IV sedation. When undergoing this type of anesthetic, you must arrange for a responsible adult to remain in the office during surgery and drive you home afterward. This person should remain with you for 24 hours while you are under the effects of anesthesia.

EXPAREL®: Single-Use Non-Opioid Pain Relief

During your wisdom teeth extraction surgery, your surgeon can administer EXPAREL to the surgical site. This single-use pain relief manages pain for up to 72 hours following surgery and reduces or eliminates the need for opioid medication. Learn more on our EXPAREL page.

Stem Cell Banking With Stemodontics®

Oral Surgery Group is proudly partnered with Stemodontics, a leading stem cell banking service. After you or your child have wisdom teeth extracted, we can send them to a secure Stemodontics lab for safe preservation. By banking stem cells after wisdom teeth removal, you eliminate the need for a second harvesting procedure and take control of your future. Enroll today on the official Stemodontics website and make the investment in your and your family’s health.

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Middlesex, NJ?

The cost for having your wisdom teeth removed is different for everyone. Several factors determine the cost, including the number of wisdom teeth you have, if any are impacted, your choice of anesthesia, and your dental insurance. Our administrative team will provide you with a cost estimate prior to treatment so you know what to expect. If you ever have questions or would like to find out how much it would cost to have your third molars extracted, schedule a consultation at our office.

If you or your child needs to have wisdom teeth removed, our oral surgeons have years of training and experience removing wisdom teeth at any development stage. When you have your wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible, you protect yourself by eliminating the risk of health issues associated with third molars. Contact Oral Surgery Group in Middlesex, NJ, today to learn more.

Types of Anesthesia

We offer several types of anesthesia to ensure patients remain comfortable in our care.

Hear From Wisdom Tooth Removal Patients

These patients can tell you about their firsthand experience undergoing wisdom tooth removal at our office.

Reviews From Our Wisdom Tooth Removal Patients

Melissa had oral surgery at Oral Surgery Group
Melissa Reviews Her Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"I went to Oral Surgery Group to get my wisdom teeth taken out. They were starting to hurt me, and Dr. Stern took them out. Well, before I went in, I was very nervous about the pain after, if I was going to be able to eat anything, the bleeding — I definitely don't like bleeding in my mouth — but it wasn't bad whatsoever. The staff here are so nice and so welcoming, so just that helped settle my nerves a lot. My procedure went by very fast actually, and I woke up and was actually amazed that it was already over. Obviously, after getting your wisdom teeth out, you're a little loopy, but it was actually fine. My recovery process was very fast; I was actually able to go shopping literally the day after my surgery, so I was very happy about that. Dr. Stern is so nice and patient. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to come here."

Marisa had oral surgery at Oral Surgery Group
Marisa Reviews Her Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"I had to get my wisdom teeth out by Dr. Stern. He talked to me, he went through the procedure and reassured me that everything would go smoothly. It went way better than I thought it would have gone. When I woke up, it was nothing, I should have been worried about. The staff was very, very comforting. They make sure that they're not rushing you, that you feel like they're doing their job correctly, and that you're being taken care of. I had a great experience at the Oral Surgery Group, and I highly recommend it."

Richard had oral surgery at Oral Surgery Group
Richard Reviews His Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"I came to see Dr. Stern because I need my wisdom tooth out. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous. The team is very welcoming. Dr. Stern is very calming, very funny. It’s always easy to have a joke with him. The procedure was much easier than I expected it to be. With Dr. Stern, I definitely knew that I was in good hands. I highly recommend Dr. Stern here at Oral Surgery Group."

Richie had oral surgery at Oral Surgery Group
Richie Reviews His Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"I needed surgery; I needed my wisdom teeth extracted. It was very bad, though, coming in pain for a few days because there was a couple of other things wrong with the wisdom teeth with cavities, but everything went all smooth, I guess. Everything was just awesome, awesome, awesome at the Oral Surgery Group. In the beginning, I was nervous; toward the end though, I was A-OK, happy, joyful. My recovery went really smooth — no swelling, no extra bleeding, no calls to the doctors, no extra pain at all. Everything was just smooth — A-OK. Dr. Engel's a perfect doctor. He's one of the best doctors that I've seen in a long time. The staff was amazing. Everybody from the front desk to the dental assistants, everybody was number one, the best you can get around. I would definitely recommend the Oral Surgery Group and Dr. Engel in New Brunswick."

Malcom had oral surgery at Oral Surgery Group
Malcolm Reviews His Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"What brought me in here—I actually had to get my wisdom teeth removed. When I first walked in, it was very warm, open, everyone here is super nice. Prior to the procedure, I was very nervous. The staff helped calm me down pretty easily. I think they were really there to help me answer any questions that I needed. Dr. Simos is a funny guy. He just, like, cracks little jokes on the side, makes everything a little easier. It helps. The team here is honestly super friendly, super nice. Any questions you have, everyone is super engaging in what they do. One out of five stars I would definitely give them five stars. For all my friends and family looking for an oral surgeon in New Brunswick, I definitely recommend Oral Surgery Group."

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days off do you need for wisdom teeth surgery?

You should take at least 1–2 days off of school or work to have your wisdom teeth removed. Most patients are able to return to their normal routines after a few days.

Does it hurt to have wisdom teeth taken out?

With IV sedation, you will be semi-conscious during surgery and wake up afterward with no memory of it. Some pain or swelling can be expected with any surgical procedure. You can manage post-surgical pain with over-the-counter pain medications and ice packs. Be sure to eat soft foods as instructed and maintain good oral hygiene to make your recovery as fast as possible. We provide details on how to care for the extraction sites, rinse your mouth, and brush your teeth.

Avoid using straws for 1 week, as the suction could dislodge the blood clot that is forming inside the empty tooth socket. This is called a dry socket, and it is very painful. You can avoid this by following the instructions provided by our office closely.

Can I get all wisdom teeth taken out at once?

We recommend having all of your wisdom teeth removed at one surgical visit. This saves you time and money without having to undergo multiple procedures. If you left some wisdom teeth in, you will have to undergo surgery in the future to have them removed, so you might as well have them all taken out at once.

What happens if you wait too long to get wisdom teeth out?

Younger patients have smoother recoveries because the teeth are not yet fully developed. As you age, your wisdom teeth will become more fused with the jaw bone which can lead to more complicated surgery to remove them in the future. However, you can have wisdom teeth extracted at any age.

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