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Wisdom Teeth Removal in New Brunswick, East Brunswick, and Middlesex, NJ
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Wisdom Teeth Removal in New Brunswick, NJ

Safe and Easy Third Molar Extraction

Wisdom teeth are your third and final set of molars. They usually develop between ages 17 and 25, which is much later than the other adult teeth. Because they develop so late, many people forget or don’t know that their wisdom teeth are coming until they start having pain or other problems. If left untreated, third molars can cause a number of oral health conditions that are completely avoidable by having them removed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Our practice has been in the New Brunswick community since 1948, and our oral surgeons have years of experience performing wisdom teeth procedures. Dr. Philip Engel, Dr. Richard Stern, Dr. Constantine Simos, Dr. Michael Stern, Dr. Amy Tanchyk, and Dr. Rohan Prabhu all adhere to the highest standards of care. We use the most reliable, advanced tools available to make sure each procedure goes as smoothly as possible. Contact us in New Brunswick, NJ, today to learn more or schedule a wisdom teeth consultation.

Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

When wisdom teeth are causing pain, they should be removed right away. However, wisdom teeth do not always cause pain. This is why we stress the importance of attending regular checkups with your general dentist. If it is discovered that your wisdom teeth are developing, your dentist will refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to have them extracted.

Your existing molars are adequate for chewing, so this additional set of molars is unnecessary for proper function. Most people’s mouths are too small to accommodate four extra molars. If your wisdom teeth have enough space to grow into a healthy position, they may not need to be removed, but this is rare. In many cases, a wisdom tooth grows sideways and pushes against other teeth. A wisdom tooth can become impacted, or trapped beneath the gum tissue, in which case surgical intervention is necessary. Common conditions caused by wisdom teeth include:

  • Damage to the roots of other molars
  • Crowding of healthy teeth (especially the lower teeth)
  • Impaction
  • Infections, which can lead to tooth decay or gum disease
  • Cyst and tumor formation

The easiest course of action is to have wisdom teeth removed before these problems arise, often before the teeth ever emerge from beneath the gums. Doing so can prevent future damage and discomfort for your existing teeth and healthy tissues.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Before your procedure, you will come in for a consultation appointment so that your oral surgeon can review your condition, take 3D scans, and discuss your treatment plan. If you have any questions about your wisdom teeth procedure or anesthesia instructions, this consultation is the perfect time for you to ask them. As oral surgeons, we are qualified to administer all forms of anesthesia and offer many for you to choose from. Most patients undergo IV sedation for this procedure.

After the anesthesia is administered, your surgeon will remove the wisdom teeth. Visible teeth are simply removed with forceps, similar to a standard tooth extraction. For impacted wisdom teeth, the surgeon will lift a portion of the gum tissue to reach the tooth. The tooth may be broken into smaller pieces to make removal easier.

Once the teeth are removed, the surgical sites will be sutured and you will rest in our recovery area until the anesthesia wears off. You must arrange for a designated driver to remain in the office during your surgery, drive you home afterwards, and remain with you for 24 hours.

Follow the instructions we provide very closely. They will guide you on how to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth and care for your extraction sites. It's important not to use a straw for 1 week, as the suction could dislodge the blood clot within the tooth socket and create a painful condition known as dry socket.

EXPAREL®: Single-Use Non-Opioid Pain Relief

During your wisdom teeth extraction surgery, your surgeon can administer EXPAREL to the surgical site. This single-use pain relief manages pain for up to 72 hours following surgery and reduces or eliminates the need for opioid medication. Learn more on our EXPAREL page.

Stem Cell Banking After Wisdom Teeth Removal

After your or your child’s wisdom teeth removal, you may choose to bank the valuable stem cells from within these teeth. Stem cells can differentiate into different types of cells in your body to help tissue, bone, and organ repair. Your wisdom teeth naturally contain an abundance of these cells, and their potential is lost by just discarding them as medical waste following extraction. Invest in your and your child’s future health. Learn more about banking stem cells from wisdom teeth, or enroll today on the Stemodontics® website.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in New Brunswick, NJ

There is no standard cost for a wisdom tooth removal procedure. The cost of your treatment will depend on several things, including the number of wisdom teeth you have, your choice of anesthesia, if any teeth are impacted, and your dental insurance. We will provide a cost estimate upfront so you know exactly what to expect.

Our office accepts a variety of payment methods, and there are options available to finance the cost of your wisdom teeth removal. Learn more about our Financial & Insurance Policy.

Types of Anesthesia

We offer several types of anesthesia to ensure patients remain comfortable in our care.

Hear From Wisdom Tooth Removal Patients

These patients can tell you about their firsthand experience undergoing wisdom tooth removal at our office.

Reviews From Our Wisdom Tooth Removal Patients

Richard had oral surgery at Oral Surgery Group
Richard Reviews His Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"I came to see Dr. Stern because I need my wisdom tooth out. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous. The team is very welcoming. Dr. Stern is very calming, very funny. It’s always easy to have a joke with him. The procedure was much easier than I expected it to be. With Dr. Stern, I definitely knew that I was in good hands. I highly recommend Dr. Stern here at Oral Surgery Group."

Norma had oral surgery at Oral Surgery Group
Norma Reviews His Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"I needed a wisdom tooth taken out, and I needed some posts put in. I was just nervous overall — I have a lot of issues — but Dr. Stern, he put on the music I like, which is Bocelli, and I was very pleased with him. I thought it was going to be long and painful, but my husband kept telling me, "No, he's good; he will help you, don't worry about it," and he was right. I was relaxed, and I went home with no pain, and then I just took some aspirins, and that was it. Dr. Stern is one of the finest oral surgeons I have ever been to see. He's kind, he knows what he's doing, and he makes you relax. Dr. Stern — I highly recommend him."

Testimonial kayla wt facewall
Kayla Reviews Her Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"When I first walked into the practice, immediately I felt really comfortable and had all my questions answered. The staff here is extremely friendly. The doctors are really great, and you can really tell that they care about their patients. The procedure went extremely well. The process of healing also went extremely smooth. The nurses here would call and check in on me. My overall experience here was amazing. For all my friends and family in New Brunswick, East Brunswick, and Woodbridge Township, I totally recommend Oral Surgery Group."

Marisa had oral surgery at Oral Surgery Group
Marisa Reviews Her Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"I had to get my wisdom teeth out by Dr. Stern. He talked to me, he went through the procedure and reassured me that everything would go smoothly. It went way better than I thought it would have gone. When I woke up, it was nothing, I should have been worried about. The staff was very, very comforting. They make sure that they're not rushing you, that you feel like they're doing their job correctly, and that you're being taken care of. I had a great experience at the Oral Surgery Group, and I highly recommend it."

Melissa had oral surgery at Oral Surgery Group
Melissa Reviews Her Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

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"I went to Oral Surgery Group to get my wisdom teeth taken out. They were starting to hurt me, and Dr. Stern took them out. Well, before I went in, I was very nervous about the pain after, if I was going to be able to eat anything, the bleeding — I definitely don't like bleeding in my mouth — but it wasn't bad whatsoever. The staff here are so nice and so welcoming, so just that helped settle my nerves a lot. My procedure went by very fast actually, and I woke up and was actually amazed that it was already over. Obviously, after getting your wisdom teeth out, you're a little loopy, but it was actually fine. My recovery process was very fast; I was actually able to go shopping literally the day after my surgery, so I was very happy about that. Dr. Stern is so nice and patient. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to come here."

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is recovery?

Recovery is different for everyone, but most people will need to take it easy for a few days after the procedure. You will be given pain medication to help control any discomfort immediately after the surgery. Most patients are back to their normal routines after 3 or so days, but the surgical sites will need to stay clean until they are fully closed, which can take up to 2 weeks. If you have any questions or concerns about recovery, your surgeon will be happy to answer them.

What should you not do before getting wisdom teeth removed?

IV sedation is the most common type of sedation for this procedure. Prior to your wisdom teeth removal, if you are undergoing IV sedation, do not have anything to eat or drink for 8 hours prior to surgery. If your surgery is in the morning, do not consume food or liquids after midnight the night before surgery. We provide you with instructions before and after surgery which contain everything you need to know for a smooth oral surgery experience.

Should I get two or four wisdom teeth removed?

You should have all of your wisdom teeth removed at one surgical visit. This saves you time and money, and whatever wisdom teeth you decide to leave in will eventually need to be removed due to the uncertain nature of these large teeth.

Can a regular dentist pull wisdom teeth?

A regular dentist does not have the same training as an oral surgeon. They both have dental degrees, but oral surgeons complete a residency program after dental school, where they learn how to administer anesthesia and perform complex procedures in a hospital setting. When a general dentist discovers the presence of wisdom teeth, he or she will refer the patient to an oral surgeon for treatment.

Decades of Trusted Care

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