Bone grafting in New Brunswick, East Brunswick, and Middlesex, NJ
Bone grafting in New Brunswick, East Brunswick, and Middlesex, NJ

Bone Grafting

Rebuild and Restore Lost Bone

Missing teeth, gum disease, injuries, and other factors can all contribute to jaw bone loss. Without stimulation from the roots of your teeth, the bone in the dental ridge will begin to deteriorate. There must be adequate bone in the jaw to support the full length and width of the implants. Bone grafting can replace bone that has been lost due to tooth loss, facial surgery sites, facial trauma, or other causes. By regrowing lost bone, bone grafts help more people become candidates for dental implants.

If you need bone grafting to repair or restore the bone around your teeth or jaw, our oral surgeons can help. Oral Surgery Group offers several bone grafting procedures and will determine the right treatment for your oral health needs. Contact us in New Brunswick, NJ, East Brunswick, NJ, or Middlesex, NJ, to schedule an appointment with Dr. Engel, Dr. Stern, Dr. Simos, Dr. Stern, Dr. Tanchyk, and Dr. Prabhu.

How Bone Grafting Works

During a bone grafting procedure, your oral surgeon will lift the gums and place a mixture of bone material and growth factors over the area that requires more bone growth. The bone material consists of tiny granules that are taken from either your own bone or a tissue bank. Once the material is applied, your surgeon will suture the gums to protect the area.

Bone grafts provide many benefits, including:

  • People who were once told they cannot receive dental implants due to insufficient bone can now become candidates
  • Prevent long-term health problems associated with tooth loss
  • Greatly improve the aesthetics of restorative treatments, such as dental implants or crowns

Types of Bone Grafting

The type of bone grafting you need largely depends on the shape of your jaw and your overall goals for treatment. When designing your custom treatment plan, we use 3D scans to view the structure of your jaw bone. Prior to any surgical procedure, we will discuss your options for anesthesia or sedation. Some of the most common bone grafting procedures include:

Sinus Lift

Everyone has sinuses above their upper teeth on either side of their nose. These sinuses are hollow, and the wall that separates the sinuses from the roots of the upper molars is very thin. When the upper molars need to be replaced with dental implants, sometimes it is impossible to do so without breaching the sinus or causing other problems. Oral surgeons can place a bone graft between the sinus and the molars, making space for a dental implant to be placed.

Bone grafting in New Brunswick, East Brunswick, and Middlesex, NJ

A sinus lift creates more space in the sinuses for dental implants that are placed in the upper arch.

Ridge Expansion

When severe bone resorption has occurred, the bony ridge that once held the teeth can become too small to hold dental implants. Your surgeon can divide the ridge bone and insert bone grafting material inside. This expands the ridge and makes space for the eventual placement of implants.

Socket Preservation

When a tooth is extracted, the bone around the empty tooth socket can start to resorb or diminish rapidly. A socket preservation prevents the bone loss that tends to happen shortly after an extraction so that an implant can be planned for a future visit. This is ideal if you are having a tooth extracted but do not plan to immediately replace it with a dental implant.

Major Bone Grafting

Sometimes facial injuries, tumor surgery sites, or birth conditions require bone grafting to restore the facial structure. In these situations, oral surgeons use bone sourced from another part of the patient’s body. Special membranes may be used to help the major bone graft site heal correctly and promote soft tissue regeneration.

Bone Grafting in New Brunswick, East Brunswick, and Middlesex, NJ

We offer bone grafting procedures and dental implants at all three of our locations across central New Jersey. Major bone grafting procedures may be done in a hospital setting, but most minor procedures can be performed in our offices. Feel free to contact one of our offices for more information.

Types of Anesthesia

We offer several types of anesthesia to ensure patients remain comfortable in our care.

Hear From Bone Grafting Patients

These patients can tell you about their firsthand experience undergoing bone grafting at our office.

Reviews From Our Bone Grafting Patients

Wayne had oral surgery at Oral Surgery Group
Wayne Reviews His Bone Grafting Procedure

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"I had a problem with a tooth that was just bothering me. The dentist I normally use took a look at it and said, "This tooth is shot." He suggested Dr. Simos — someone that he's worked with for a number of years. Dr. Simos' demeanor — he's just laid back, I guess is the best way. He listens to you very attentively, explains what's going on, and then he takes the time to answer any questions you have, explain exactly what's going to be done. The first thing that was done was removing the affected tooth — it was essentially a dead tooth, so it had to come out. They do a bone graft, I think, as a follow-up perhaps a month later, and then several months later, a dental implant is done. Recovery was pretty easy. The staff here in this office is excellent. Everyone is prompt, courteous. I would recommend this group. This is the place to be if you need this sort of work done."

Caroline underwent a tooth extraction, bone graft, and got a dental implant placed
Caroline Reviews Her Bone Grafting Procedure

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"I came to see Dr. Stern with my first implant. I needed a bone graft and an implant [and] a tooth taken out. When I first walked through the door, I felt safe. I felt like I was cared for, that I wasn’t just a number, and Dr. Stern was awesome. Dr. Stern is just a fantastic oral surgeon. He’s just very calming, very professional, always put me at ease. The recovery was awesome. I went to the farmer’s market an hour afterwards and I was so perfectly fine. Dr. Stern is the best oral surgeon in my opinion, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an implant."

Pete had oral surgery at Oral Surgery Group
Pete Reviews His Bone Grafting Procedure

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"I only wish I knew about the Oral Surgery Group and went to them 10 years ago when I started having dental work done. The minute you walk in the door at Oral Surgery Group, from the receptionists to the coordinator, the staff is wonderful. I like Dr. Stern personally. I have the utmost confidence in his work. I needed some bone grafting, number one, and then the implants because I had to have my original teeth removed. The procedure went fine. Once you get in the chair, he makes me nice and numb, which helps, and I'm very comfortable — he makes you comfortable. I like him personally. During the procedure, he always communicates with you. I'm free to ask any questions I want before, during, and after the procedure. To me, implants feel just like my real teeth. I would highly recommend the Oral Surgery Group, and that's something I don't really take lightly because you're putting your own, I guess, credibility on the line, so I have to feel very comfortable with somebody before I recommend them."

Belinda got dental implants in New Brunswick, NJ
Belinda Reviews Her Bone Grafting Procedure

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"Dr. Simos does a wonderful job, and I’m very comfortable having him work on my mouth. I have been here several times. He’s done several extractions. I’ve had a bone graft and then an implant put in. They’re pretty comfortable once they’re in. They heal pretty quickly. I think the skill of Dr. Simos facilitates that and makes it happen. He also is very kind and very gentle. The staff is fabulous in the Oral Surgery Group. They’re always kind, and I think kindness is a very special trait. If any of my friends in South Plainfield, New Brunswick, Monroe needed a dental implant, I would highly recommend the Oral Surgery Group."

Cathy got a dental implant at Oral Surgery Group
Cathy Reviews Her Bone Grafting Procedure

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"The reason I came in to see Dr. Stern was actually at home. [I] made myself homemade chicken salad, bit down, and the bone went in and broke my tooth in half. When I first came through the door, it was calming. The team in the office is just fabulous. Dr. Stern is very thorough, under control, and you always feel that you won’t leave the office until he has everything just the way it should be. For my friends and family in North Brunswick, I highly recommend the Oral Surgery Group."

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