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Pre-Operative Instructions: Hospital Procedures


Our highest goal is to treat patients in a safe and comfortable setting, which is why our doctors are pleased to offer treatment both in-office and in-hospital. The majority of our procedures are performed in our office. In some cases, such as for patients who are medically compromised and may require special treatment, our doctors may determine it is best to have treatment performed in the hospital setting. Our experienced oral surgeons are on staff at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and Saint Peter’s University Hospital and can perform any of our procedures there. Having your treatment performed in a hospital ensures that our doctors and additional medical staff can closely monitor your condition.

If your treatment involves a hospital-based procedure, our friendly team will be sure to help you every step of the way. We will help you determine your insurance coverage, advise if pre-admission testing will be needed, help coordinate the date of your surgery at the hospital, and schedule any necessary follow-up appointments. You can reach our surgical care coordinators, Mary Ellen Reinitz and Kelly Elsaesser, at (732) 247-8083. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your upcoming hospital procedure.

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