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Oral Surgery Edison, NJ – Meet Leslie

Video Review

After visiting several other surgeons, Leslie felt most comfortable with Dr. Stern. He performed immediate treatment for oral pathology, and Leslie's outcome has been terrific.

Leslie's Story

"I came to the Oral Surgery Group because I had a lump pretty much under my nose. You couldn't see it, but you could feel it, and I could feel it. I went to several different oral surgeons. I felt most comfortable with Dr. Stern, and I was so relaxed with him. He actually removed it right there and then. The recovery was very quick. Within 24 hours, it had pretty much closed up and was on the mend. The staff interaction was very professional. I came in, and they took me right away, and they helped me feel at ease. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Stern. He was kind, empathetic, efficient; he was successful at the procedure, which is, of course, the most important reason why you would go to a doctor. Even beyond that, he was a great doctor."

Decades of Trusted Care

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