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Meet Brian

Video Review

After a baseball incident, Brian needed facial trauma treatment. Dr. Stern responded quickly and put Brian and his mom at ease by communicating through recovery.

Brian's Story

"I was playing baseball one day in a game, and I was up, and the pitcher threw a ball, and it hit me right in the face. I wear Invisalign® braces, and they put these knobs on your teeth to help keep the braces in, and that actually punctured through my cheek and also cut through the side of my cheek, and so I was bleeding a lot. My mom ended up calling the orthodontist. He actually brought Dr. Stern along thinking that we would need him, which we did, and we went to the East Brunswick office, and he stitched me up. It was pretty quick and easy — definitely not painful at all — and he put me at ease throughout the whole time. He was really good about it. He would give my mom his phone number, and we would text him every day — every morning — to see how I felt and every night. He really helped me through the whole process, and now you can't even tell anything happened. Dr. Stern is really nice, and he really always puts you at ease, so you don't feel anxious or nervous about what you're going to have done. The staff is really good. They always got me in right away. They were really nice, and they were really helpful throughout the whole process. Come to Dr. Stern — he will hook you up."

Decades of Trusted Care

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