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Meet Jill

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Jill's son needed treatment for facial trauma after a baseball accident. Dr. Stern responded quickly and provided Jill's son with the urgent care he needed.

Jill's Story

"Unfortunately, as I arrived at my son's baseball game, he had been hit by a baseball to the face and was bleeding profusely from his mouth, and we had no idea what was wrong. So, I quickly called our orthodontist, who said he would meet us at his office. When he pulled up, he actually had another person in the car. It turned out it was Dr. Michael Stern, an oral surgeon, and he quickly went inside and looked in his mouth and discovered that he had sliced his entire mouth open, and he would need stitches. So, rather than sending us to the hospital, he was so gracious and had us meet him at his East Brunswick office, and he proceeded to stitch up his mouth. Dr. Stern was so great. He was making jokes and kept us really calm. We even said he treated my son almost as if it was his own child. He has an incredible bedside manner, which especially in a traumatic situation was very comforting. My other son is now in need of having his wisdom teeth out, and of course, Dr. Stern will be taking care of him as well because he just made everything — as bad as it was, he put us at ease, and it really all went well."

Decades of Trusted Care

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