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Wisdom Teeth Removal Edison, NJ – Meet Linda

Video Review

Linda needed four wisdom teeth extracted. The staff was so friendly, and she appreciated how Dr. Stern explained everything so thoroughly.

Linda had oral surgery at Oral Surgery Group

Linda's Story

"Well, I found out from my primary dentist that I needed to get all four of my wisdom teeth removed, and I was looking at reviews, and I found this place. When I first came to Oral Surgery Group, the staff here was so incredibly friendly. I came first for a consultation, where I met with Dr. Stern. The way he explains everything, and you can tell he's very confident in what he's talking about. I knew I was in good hands, and then after that, I wasn't even nervous before the surgery itself. The procedure went amazingly smooth. It was flawless. I had all four of my teeth out — no pain, everything — it was better than I could have imagined. Even my friends don't even believe how well it went. If any of my friends or family — anybody in Edison, New Brunswick, East Brunswick, anywhere around — need to get their wisdom teeth removed, I would definitely recommend Oral Surgery Group for that."

Decades of Trusted Care

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