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Meet Rob

Video Review

Rob needed surgery for four impacted wisdom teeth. Dr. Engel made him feel calm and confident, and the staff was thorough during his surgery and recovery.

Rob's Story

"I found the Oral Surgery group through the standard way—both through insurance and through asking other dentists that I trusted—and found that all members of the group came with very, very high recommendations. All four of my wisdom teeth were impacted, subsequently requiring all of them to come out, which is nerve wracking. I needed a surgeon that was going to be able to get all four out safely, as well as completely without complications. When I came in for the surgery, I was greeted very warmly by the office staff. They checked me in, and I had one final pre-op checkup, and afterwards, there was also a double check to make sure there were no complications immediately after the surgery as well as that I was comfortable and ready to leave. Dr. Engel is a fantastic oral surgeon. He seems very much interested in having the patient be an active part of their care, so he was very, very informative. The staff here are very, very welcoming. They're very informative. If you needed to get your wisdom teeth out, I would very much recommend the Oral Surgery Group. They've all proven to be very, very good, very, very thorough, and frankly, very, very skilled."

Decades of Trusted Care

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