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Meet Frank

Video Review

Frank and his family come to Dr. Stern for their oral health needs. His implants are fantastic and he recommends Oral Surgery Group to anyone.

Frank's Story

"I always went to the dentist every year, twice a year, but I neglected some of the larger issues, and I waited until I was about 52 to begin complete reconstruction. Most recently, I've seen Dr. Richard Stern for dental implants. Each one has been no issues, done professionally. Dr. Richard Stern — he's a funny guy. He's got hands of gold, very professional, incredibly courteous and respectful. The staff is incredibly professional; facilities are always immaculate. Of course, I would recommend Oral Surgery Group to anyone — and I have. Both my sons and my wife come here. If you have to get oral surgery, this is the place."

Decades of Trusted Care

Start your journey to better oral health and a more confident smile at Oral Surgery Group. Our compassionate team of specialists will walk you through every step, answer your questions, and make you feel like a part of our family. Learn more about us or schedule an appointment.