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Meet Ron

Video Review

Ron has undergone numerous procedures with Dr. Engel and they've all been smooth and easy. Thanks to Dr. Engel's skill and compassion, Ron loves coming to the dentist!

Ron's Story

"I have a couple neighbors of mine that use Dr. Engel, and I actually knew of him and have been using him — and my family's been using him — for years. Most recently, I had to have a tooth extracted again, I had to get a bone graft, I had to have my sinus moved up to make room for the implant, and actually in the process of getting the final tooth put into my mouth. I love coming to dentists. I actually could sleep through just about anything. I wasn't nervous at all. I actually recovered pretty quickly. I went right back to work that day; my office is right down the street. What I say to my friends and family if they're needing an oral surgeon is I tell them that I have the best guy for them. Dr. Engel is a great guy to come see if you have a problem with your teeth and you need some oral surgery."

Decades of Trusted Care

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