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Meet Wayne

Video Review

Dr. Simos had a laid back demeanor which put Wayne at ease. Wayne's procedures went great and his dental implant looks and feels great!

Wayne's Story

"I had a problem with a tooth that was just bothering me. The dentist I normally use took a look at it and said, "This tooth is shot." He suggested Dr. Simos — someone that he's worked with for a number of years. Dr. Simos' demeanor — he's just laid back, I guess is the best way. He listens to you very attentively, explains what's going on, and then he takes the time to answer any questions you have, explain exactly what's going to be done. The first thing that was done was removing the affected tooth — it was essentially a dead tooth, so it had to come out. They do a bone graft, I think, as a follow-up perhaps a month later, and then several months later, a dental implant is done. Recovery was pretty easy. The staff here in this office is excellent. Everyone is prompt, courteous. I would recommend this group. This is the place to be if you need this sort of work done."

Decades of Trusted Care

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