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Meet Ethel

Video Review

Dr. Stern provided immediate treatment for Ethel's missing crown. She was comfortable through the procedure and looks forward to receiving a dental implant.

Ethel's Story

"I had been referred to Dr. Stern by my dentist. I previously lost a tooth by chewing gum. The root was in my upper gum, and when I got there, Dr. Stern examined me and said he would be able to do it right then and there. When we were through, I felt very little discomfort from the extraction. I have to go back to Dr. Stern to review, and the plan is they'll be putting an implant in, and my regular dentist will complete the process. The staff was very personal. Everybody was gentle and caring. There's a large staff there; I was impressed. I would recommend Dr. Stern for the way they treated me, for their efficiency, and that they caused me no pain."

Decades of Trusted Care

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